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In 2016, more than 15 million tourists visited the Netherlands, Amsterdam being the most popular destination. What’s more, Amsterdam is the 8th most popular destination for tourists in Europe! However, while Amsterdam is certainly a must-see, The Netherlands has so much more to offer. Visiting other Dutch cities might be worth considering if you are planning a trip to the Netherlands. With the Holland Travel Ticket you will be able to make the most of your stay.

See the Netherlands’ greatest hits with the Holland Travel Ticket

The Holland Travel Ticket allows you to travel through the entire country  by bus, tram, metro and train.  Perfect for those that wish to stay in the Netherlands a little longer and do not want to confine themselves to the area surrounding Amsterdam, Enjoy the historical architecture of Maastricht, visit museums in Groningen or pay the beautiful windmills of Kinderdijk a visit! Cities like Utrecht, Den Bosch and Rotterdam are also worth visiting. The Holland Travel Ticket is less suitable for travellers that wish to stay within the Amsterdam area. In that case, other tickets, like the Amsterdam Travel Ticket, might be more fitting.

How does travelling with the Holland Travel Ticket work?

The Holland Travel Ticket, also known as the ‘OV-Dagkaart’, comes in two variations: the peak and the off-peak ticket. With the Peak Travel Ticket, you have unlimited access to public transport. This ticket costs €59. However, we would like to recommend the Off-Peak Travel Ticket. For only €39, this ticket grants you unlimited access to public transport, outside of 6:30-9:00 am. What’s more, in the weekends you can use this ticket all day! Both the Peak and the Off-Peak Ticket are valid for one full day. However, be aware that the Holland Travel Ticket is not valid for Thalys. Furthermore, you can only travel with Intercity Direct and ICE if you purchase a supplement. Do you want to know more about Dutch train tickets and are you curious which one is the cheapest? Have a look at our train ticket comparison tool!

Where to buy the Holland Travel Ticket?

You can purchase the Holland Travel Ticket at a NS ticket machine or an NS Tickets & Service Desk at any train station. It’s also possible to purchase the Holland Travel Ticket online, but in that case you are required to pick the ticket up at the bookstore AKO at the Schiphol Airport train station.

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