Cheap Day Tickets for Travelers on a Budget

klok 10 Mar 2018 8:00

The Dutch are known for their love of cheese and bikes. However, if there is something the Dutch definitely don’t like, it’s spending a lot of money. Are you planning to travel through the Netherlands by train? Maybe a trip to Amsterdam, Utrecht or Rotterdam? Make sure to take advantage of the Dutch appreciation of discounts, deals and bargains! Buy a day ticket at Kruidvat for merely €15,99 – a real steal! Perfect for those on a budget.

Day Tickets at Kruidvat

Kruidvat is one of the biggest drugstores in the Netherlands. Once in a while, Kruidvat also has special deals for train tickets. From March 12th, day tickets will be available for just €15,99. Are you traveling with friends or family? If you buy three or more, the tickets are merely €13,99 per piece. Unfortunately, we are not entirely sure about the duration of this special offer. We estimate the offer will be available from March 12th until March 25th. However, if you’re interested in the day tickets, it’s advisable to keep an eye on Kruidvat’s website.

What you should know about the Day Tickets

The day ticket gives you unlimited access to the Dutch train system for one day. You use the day ticket to check in before entering the train, and to check out after getting off. Not only does the ticket give you access to the trains of Dutch Railways, you can also make use of other Dutch operators like Arriva, Blauwnet, Breng and Connexxion. However, you cannot use the day ticket outside of the Netherlands or for the Thalys. From Monday to Friday, the day ticket is only valid in off-peak hours. This means you cannot use the day ticket between 6:30 and 9:00 or between 16:00 and 18:30.  The time of your check in is decisive. In the weekend, you can use the day tickets the entire day.

Are you planning to use the ICE or Intercity Direct train?

If you wish to use the ICE train or the Intercity Direct train, there might be additional costs. The ICE is the German high-speed train. If you wish to use this train within the Netherlands, you are required to pay a small fee. Normally, this is also the case for the Intercity Direct train between Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam. However, until the 8th of April, the Intercity Direct train is free of additional charges in the weekend. During the week, the Intercity Direct train is only free of additional charges in the off-peak hours (9:30 to 19:00).

2 thoughts on “Cheap Day Tickets for Travelers on a Budget”

  1. Corrie Meijvogel says:

    Graag zou ik 4 treinkaartjes willen bestellen.
    Hoe moet ik dat doen?
    vg Corrie Meijvogel

  2. Marga Evers says:

    jammer alles is uitverkocht hadden jullie niet meer treinkaartjes kunnen geven ik had er 6 nodig maar kon ze niet meer krijgen bij kruitvat

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