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Due to its small size, you can discover a big part of the Netherlands in just one day. A day ticket allows you to travel unlimitedly for one day. While you can purchase such a ticket at the train station for €39 (the so-called ‘Holland Travel Ticket‘), you can find a cheaper alternative online. The NS Day Ticket only costs €19 and allows you to travel unlimitedly outside the peak hours. Perfect for travellers on a budget! When purchasing the tickets, it is not necessary to indicate when and where you will travel yet. What’s more, you do not need a OV-chipkaart for this offer.

Order by Actievandedag.nl

Travel period

As with every special offer, there are a number of restrictions that you need to take into account. Firstly, the journey must take place within a specific period. At the time of writing, the ticket can be used before or on October 31, 2018. However, experience shows that the travel period of special offers often gets extended. You can find the updated travel period on the website selling the train tickets, namely actievandedag.nl. Even though the website is in Dutch, you can easily find the end of the travel period without any knowledge of the Dutch language. Simply look for the words “geldig t/m”. After these words you will find the end of the travel period.

Time restrictions

Secondly, the train ticket is subject to a time restriction. If you are travelling on a Saturday or a Sunday, you can use the NS Day Ticket the entire day. However, using the ticket from Monday to Friday is subject to some time restrictions. On these days, you are not able to use this ticket during peak hours (6:30 to 9 and 16:00 to 18:30). It is important to know that not the time of checking in is decisive, but the time of travelling. This means you are not allowed to be in the train after 16:00, even if you checked in before 16:00. However, when a delay causes you to be in the train during peak hours, you are allowed to finish your trip.

Criss-cross the Netherlands

The biggest benefit of the NS Day Ticket is that it allows you to travel unlimitedly through the whole country. This means you can visit multiple cities in one day. If you want, you can stroll through the Hague in the morning, go shopping in Utrecht afterwards and have dinner in Amsterdam. You can use the Day Ticket for all Dutch Railways (NS) trains. The ticket is also valid in the trains of Arriva, Keolis, Blauwnet, Connexxion (Valleilijn) and Breng. You can also make use of the Intercity Direct between Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam Centraal, although an additional fee is required (see below). You cannot use your ticket in the Eurostar, the Thalys, the metro, the tram, or the bus.

Travelling by train for less

This offer is especially beneficial when you are planning to travel mainly outside peak hours and want to visit multiple destinations. Are you planning to only visit one destination? In that case, you can also buy a day return ticket. This means you have to indicate beforehand between which two stations you are travelling. However, contrary to the NS Day Ticket, you are allowed to travel during evening peak hours. In order to be sure that you are purchasing the cheapest ticket, have a look at our price comparison tool. At the time of writing, this tool is partially available in English. We are currently working on making it fully accessible for English-speaking travellers.

How to purchase the train tickets

You can find the NS Day Ticket for €19 on the website actievandedag.nl. The person who is purchasing the tickets does not necessarily have to be the person who is travelling. After purchasing the ticket, you receive a Dutch e-mail with one link. You need this link to redeem the ticket. The link will send you to the website of Dutch Railways (ns.nl). While the link will most likely send you to the Dutch version of this website, ns.nl is also available in English. On this page, you can redeem your ticket by using the coupon code you will find in the e-mail.

In order to redeem your train ticket, you must specify on what day you want to travel. As it is not possible to change this later on, it is advisable to redeem your ticket only when you are sure that you will use them and when you will use them. Furthermore, you must indicate between which train stations you will travel. It is not necessary to choose train stations that have a direct connection. Finally, you must specify who will travel with the ticket. After completing this process, your ticket will be generated. Be aware that you are obliged to print your ticket: contrary to other types of train tickets, showing your ticket on your mobile device is not sufficient.

Other things you need to know

On some Dutch train stations, gates block the entrance to the train platforms. These gates can be opened with the barcode on your e-ticket.

Source: ns.nl

Travellers who did not print their e-ticket, can open the gates by scanning the barcode on their phone. Are you travelling between Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam Centraal (or vice versa)? If you wish to travel with the fast Intercity Direct, you are obliged to pay an additional fee per person. If you travel with the regular Intercities, this fee is not required. However, as these Intercities also stop at Leiden and The Hague, the trip between Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam Centraal takes approximately half an hour longer. Finally, travellers must take into account that maintenance might be carried out on and around the railroads. This usually takes place in the evening, at night and in the weekend. To make sure that your train is operating (on time), it is advisable to check the Dutch Railways app (“Reisplanner”) before your departure. If your trajectory is under construction, this will appear in the app at least 10 days before departure. Is your train cancelled? Don’t worry: Dutch Railways will make sure to replace your train with buses. Naturally, you can use your train ticket in these buses. However, it is not possible to use your train ticket in regular buses.

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