Public Transport in Utrecht

klok 07 Feb 2018 11:00

Are you planning a trip to the Netherlands? Definitely consider paying a visit to Utrecht. Located in the heart of the country, Utrecht is perfect for travellers who enjoy a combination of medieval and modern architecture, festivals and interesting museums. Not only is Utrecht extremely easy to reach by train,  the Dutch public transport network can also be used to explore the city itself.

Travelling to Utrecht by Train

Planning a city trip to Utrecht, but you don’t have a car at your disposal? No problem. With its central location, Utrecht is undoubtedly the most important hub in the Dutch railway network. Consequently, Utrecht can easily be reached by train: most cities even have a direct connection with Utrecht.

Travelling from the Train Station to the City Centre by Bus

Utrecht knows an elaborate network of bus lines. Many buses depart from the train station Utrecht Centraal, so you can hop right from the train into the bus.  You recognise the buses by their yellow color. They are known under the name ‘u-OV’.

Finding the Right Bus at Utrecht Centraal

Despite their striking appearance, locating the right bus may be rather tricky. This is because different buses depart from different spots at the train station. The bus station is located at the side of the Jaarbeurs, near platform 21. When leaving the train platform, you will pass a check-out point for your train ticket. After passing the check-out point, you find the  escalators to the bus stops C and D on your left-hand side.  For the tram stops and the bus stops G and H, keep walking straight ahead in the direction of the Jaarbeurs. Looking for another bus? Once you’re outside, take the big stairs or escalators down. You will also find an information point there.

Exploring the City Centre of Utrecht by Bus

Would you like to explore the entire city in just a day or two? Good news! Every part of the city can be reached by bus. Bus line 2 is a must for museum lovers, as it takes you to the University Museum and the Centraal Museum. For the Railway Museum, take bus line 8 to the Maliebaan. For museum Speelklok you don’t need a bus: simply take the train to Rotterdam Centraal. The museum is within walking distance of said train station.

The Price of a Bus Ticket

A single ticket is valid for 60 minutes and costs €2,80. You can buy this ticket from the bus driver. Planning to spend some more time in the bus? You can also buy a day ticket for €6. For children between 4 and 18 years, the day ticket costs only €4. Day tickets cannot be purchased from the bus driver. Instead, you can find them the public transport service store at the train station Utrecht Centraal. You will find this store at the side of the Jaarbeurs, near platform 21.

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