Amsterdam Travel Ticket

klok 20 Oct 2017 13:00

Public transport is an easy, quick and cheap way to discover the capital city of the Netherlands. The various neighbourhoods of Amsterdam are connected by buses, trains, trams, metros and even ferries. While the Dutch mostly use a smartcard (called the ‘OV-chipkaart’) to get around the public transport network, this card is rather expensive for visitors who only stay in Amsterdam for a few days. Luckily, there is a cheap alternative for tourists: the so-called Amsterdam Travel Ticket.

Travel from Schiphol Airport to the city centre with the Amsterdam Travel Ticket

The Amsterdam Travel Ticket is an affordable option for tourists who want to discover the city’s many sights by public transport, but are not too keen on biking or walking everywhere. With this all-in-one ticket, you can not only travel from the airport to the city, but also travel within the city. First of all, this ticket allows you to travel from Schiphol Airport to any train station in Amsterdam. Do you prefer the bus? No problem! You can use the Amsterdam Airport Express (bus 197) and the Niteliner (the night bus N97). Obviously, you can also use the Amsterdam Travel Ticket to travel from Amsterdam to Schiphol Airport on your way back home.

Travel within Amsterdam with the Amsterdam Travel Ticket

Furthermore, the Amsterdam Travel Ticket gives you unlimited access to all public transport services of GVB. GVB operates the public transport network in Amsterdam. This means you can use trains, trams, metros, Connexxion buses and even ferries! However, keep in mind that you cannot use buses from other operators than Connexxion (like EBS or Arriva). The Amsterdam Travel Ticket comes in three varieties: a one-day ticket (€16), a two-day ticket (€21) and a three-day ticket (€26). This is a lot cheaper and easier than buying a separate ticket every time you use the public transport system!

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