NS Group Ticket: one-way trip from € 4,93

klok 10 Sep 2018 16:41

Are you planning a fun day trip with all of your friends? Or are you getting ready for a relaxing weekend away with your family? Have a look at the NS Group Ticket! This is a one-way ticket for 4 or more people travelling to the same destination. For groups of 4, the NS Group Ticket retails for just €30. Every additional person costs an additional €1,50, with a maximum of 7 people per group ticket. 

How does the NS Group Ticket work?

The NS Group Ticket is available from January 8 2018 onwards and is only sold online. When purchasing the ticket, you are required to indicate the train station of departure, the destination and the personal information of all travellers (name and date of birth). You must also choose one traveller as the ‘main booker’. This person receives the main train ticket, while the other travellers receive a ticket that allows them to travel with the main booker. This means that the other passengers are only allowed to travel if the main booker is present. If the main booker falls ill and cannot make it, none of the other passengers can use their ticket. If one of the other passengers is absent, this is not a problem (as long as the main booker is present). The NS Group Ticket is delivered as an e-ticket. You can either print this ticket or show it on your smartphone via the Dutch Railways App (“NS Reisplanner”). From Monday to Friday, you cannot travel at 6:30-9:00 and 16:00-18:30). There are no time restrictions in the weekend.

Are all travellers obliged to travel from the same train station?

All travellers are obliged to use the same train(s), but it’s not required that all travellers are present during the entire trip. If one passenger would like to depart from a different station, that’s not a problem. It’s also possible to get out of the train before arriving at the destination indicated on the NS Group Ticket. However, there is one exception: the main booker must be present at all times.

What is the price of a NS Group Ticket?

The following prices are based on a one-way trip. If you would like to book a return ticket, you must purchase the NS Group Ticket twice. Are you travelling with more than 7 people? In that case, you must purchase two Group Tickets per one-way trip.

Persons Group price Price per person
4 persons € 30,- € 7,50
5 persons € 31,50 € 6,30
6 persons € 33,- € 5,50
7 persons € 34,50 € 4,93

Are there any time restrictions?

In the weekend, there is no time restriction. From Monday to Friday, there is: you are not allowed to travel between 6:30-9:00 and 16:00-18:30. It is important to know that not the time of checking in is decisive, but the time of travelling. This means you are not allowed to be in the train after 16:00, even if you checked in before 16:00. However, when a delay causes you to be in the train during peak hours, you are allowed to finish your trip.

Are there other things I need to know about the NS Group ticket?

  • After purchasing the NS Group Ticket, it is no longer possible to change the date, the trajectory, the amount of passengers or their personal information.
  • If the main booker is not present, the NS Group Ticket cannot be used. However, it is not a problem if any of the other travellers is absent.
  • The NS Group Ticket cannot be used on King’s Day.
  • Is your train delayed? No problem: you can request a refund. Simply look for ‘Refunds for delayed journeys’ or ‘Geld terug bij vertraging’ on the website of Dutch Railways (ns.nl.)
  • Would you like to use the Intercity Direct between Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam, or are you planning to step aboard the ICE? In that case, you are obliged to pay an additional fee.
  • You cannot use the NS Group Ticket in the bus, tram or metro. You can also not use the ticket for international train trips.

How can I open the gates at the train station?

Normally, train passengers have to open the gates at the train station with their ‘OV-chipkaart’. However, as you are travelling with an e-ticket, you do not need an OV-chipkaart. Fortunately, you can also open the gates with your e-ticket. Simply scan the code on e-ticket with the scanner on the broadest gate. It does not matter if you printed the ticket or if you are using your mobile phone. Is one of the gates already open? In that case, there is no need to scan your ticket: you don’t have to ‘check in’ or ‘check out’ your e-ticket.

Where can I purchase the NS Group Ticket?

You can buy the NS Group Ticket on this page.

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