Travel by train: e-ticket & disposable chip card

klok 22 Sep 2017 14:16

Traveling by train. You can travel with an e-ticket, with a disposable chip card or the ov-chipkaart. Travel with an e-ticket is comfortable and carefree. You don’t have to check-in and out and you don’t pay a fee for a disposable OV-chipkaart. With this ticket module, you can also pay with your credit card.

Good to know about traveling with an e-ticket:

  • An e-ticket not need to be printed. Showing your e-ticket on a smartphone is possible, but only in the B-Europe app.
  • An e-ticket is always strictly personal. The conductor may ask for proof of identity.
  • The e-ticket contains a barcode that opens the OV-chipkaart gates at train stations.
  • Not all train tickets are available as e-tickets.

Traveling with a disposable chip card

Some train tickets are available as a disposable chip card (called ‘OV-chipkaart’ in the Netherlands). If you buy a train ticket at a rail station, you receive your ticket as a disposable chipkaart. Please note that a surcharge applies if you buy your ticket at a rail station.

If you use a disposable chipkaart, you are required to check in and out with each railway operator. Our trip planner shows whether you would use multiple operators along your route. Most of the times however, you only travel with one operator (NS).

A disposable chipkaart for traveling by train is normally not valid in buses, trams and metros, unless stated otherwise. Do you regularly use various forms of public transport in the Netherlands? Then you might consider buying a personal OV-chipkaart. However, in our experience this is not the best option for tourists visiting the Netherlands for a relatively short period of time. For more information about this topic, please visit our OV-chipkaart page.

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